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Research your stock

Screen Shot 2022-01-16 at 10.20.30.png
Research your stock
in multiple sites simultaneously

* This extension works only on google chrome browser,

How it Works

How to use ?

- Install the plugin.

- Open the plugin by pressing the green icon

- Press "more" 

- Select your favorite websites

- By default the search will take place only on the webistes that are checked and already opened in your browser

_ Select "Open missing tabs" to execute your search in websites that are not open already  

- Fill in the stock symbol and press GO!

FinViz Delegation

Your can perform a "Stokki" search from within FinViz website

- Make sure FinViz website is open

- Open the Stokki plugin and click the search icon near FinViz checkbox (see image bellow)

- Stokki icon should now enter FinvViz search

- Now you can search multiple sites using the native FinViz search bar


FinViz delegation



- If something doesn't work, try to refresh the page and try again.

- If any of the included websites changes their code the plugin's functionality may break

- If there's any problem, send me a note and i'll try to fix it.

No warranty disclaimer

This google chrome extension is provided free of charge, “as is", without warranty of any kind. The creator of this extension shall not be liable to any claim for direct or in-direct damage, lost profits, lost revenues lost opportunities, downtime, or costs.

Report a bug, share an idea, ask for a feature, or just drop a word of support

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