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Your stock notes at a glance

Screen Shot 2022-02-24 at 16.42_edited.j
View stock's fundamentals on hover, at a glance, with colorful floating notes inside your TradingView platform

* This extension works only on google chrome browser,

inside the * TradingView web platform

Show Stock Stats

- You can now use the "show stock stats" feature to show updated stock information. You can also choose which statistics will be shown in your TradingNote. "Show Stock Stats" automatically fetches the stock's statistics from available information found on the web. Please note that this information is unverified and you should always verify it yourself before making any trade decision. 

How it works Video

How to use ?

- Install the plugin.

- Open the plugin by pressing the N icon (see image) and make sure "Activate Notes" is checked.
- For the first time after install, refresh the TradingView chart page.

Activate Notes


Show Stock Stats

Screen Shot 2022-02-24 at 16.27.15.png


- If something doesn't work, try to refresh the tradingView page.

- TradingView may change their website code occasionally, which may cause the plugin to stop working.

- If there's any problem, send me a note and i'll try to fix it asap.

* TradingView is a leading charting platform and social network that is used by traders and investors to analyze the stock markets and other financial assets. Featuring Stock Screener a tool for searching stocks and arranging them according to the parameters you are interested 

No warranty disclaimer

This google chrome extension is provided free of charge, “as is", without warranty of any kind. The creator of this extension shall not be liable to any claim for direct or in-direct damage, lost profits, lost revenues lost opportunities, downtime, or costs.

Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy and keep no personal information. This privacy policy explains how we handle data in TradingNotes Plugin.

Data Collection: We do not collect any personal information from users of TradingNotes. We do not gather, store, or transmit any user data to third parties.

Data Usage: TradingNotes operates as an intermediary tool that enhances your web browsing experience by fetching stock fundamentals from Finviz. It does this anonymously and does not identify or track individual users. The process is entirely anonymous, and we have no knowledge of who is using the extension.

Security: TradingNotes operates within the security confines and permissions granted by Google Chrome, and as such, it does not have access to user data beyond what is explicitly allowed by the browser.

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